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Turf Managers has provided professional landscaping and lawn care services to residential and commercial customers in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Belle Meade and other surrounding areas in Tennessee for 22 years. Contact us today for great service from a reputable, locally owned company:

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Turf Managers services both business and residential lawn and landscape customers, as well as homeowners associations, churches, schools and other property needing to be maintained with services such as:



Introducing Skeeter Defeater. This is our 8 step mosquito control program for your lawn. This service is a great value and will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors all summer long without getting eaten up by SKEETERS.

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Leaf Removal, Shrub Trimming, Mulching, and Tree & Shrub Installation.
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You don’t have to handle this infestation alone. Treating your trees and shrubs for emerald ash borers and other pests can greatly improve the conditions of your yard and prevent the ash tree from facing extinction. Our Tree & Shrub […]

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