Refund Policy

Turf Managers LLC Refund Policy

Refunds are permitted only on the rare occasion that an “overpayment” has been made.

While overpayments may to be applied to other or future services, if no other or future services are scheduled a refund will be granted. Pre-payment refunds are not permitted.

Refunds on deposits for contracted, scheduled future projects will be granted minus all costs incurred due to special ordered material, labor, permits, preparation and loss of revenues due to cancellation.

Deposit Refund Policy

A refund will not be granted if the contract connected with the deposit restricts the return of any deposited funds.

Turf Managers LLC reserves the right to discontinue services to any person or entity and will refund in whole or part any payments that have been received for future services with deductions being made for services rendered.

This Policy is accurate and Updated as of 12/01/2015.  Turf Managers LLC