Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How long do treatments last?
A – We complete each lawn treatment and each tree and shrub treatment approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart. We complete each flea and tick application approximately 30 days apart, during active season. Specialty applications will vary, depending on the type of treatment.

Q – How long does it take to dry?
A – Every application takes 30 minutes to dry.

Q – Is it pet friendly / kid safe?
A – Absolutely. All of the products we use are safe for people and animals.

Q – How does billing work?
A – There are a few options for billing. We can mail or email your bill for each service or at the end of each month. We can leave a bill at your house after each treatment. Mowing and Detail Maintenance are billed monthly.

Q – How can I pay my bill?
A – You can mail in a check or money order. You can call in the office and pay with a credit/debit card. You can pay your bill online through our website.

Q – When will someone be out to treat my yard or trees?
A – Lawn treatments are approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart. Tree and shrub treatments are approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart. Flea and tick, as well as fungal treatments, are approximately 30 days apart.

Q – How many treatments per year?
A – Our lawn care program has 6 treatments per year. Our tree and shrub care program has 7 treatments per year. Our flea and tick program has 5 treatments per year.

Q – Will you call before you come out?
A – We can call you the day before we come out to complete your treatment, upon request.

Q – Are you certified, when do they renew?
A – Yes, our technicians are certified, and they continue their education yearly.

Q – Will I only need one brown patch treatment for the summer?
A – Brown Patch treatments last a maximum of 28 days. You may need another treatment or two, depending on the hot and humid weather we experience.

Q – Why are brown patch treatments more expensive than my regular lawn treatments?
A – Our product costs are more than doubled from regular lawn treatments.

Q – What could happen to my lawn if I leave brown patch untreated?
A – Brown Patch can be lethal to tall fescue if left untreated, and can spread quickly.

Q – Do flea and tick treatments take care of mosquitos?
A – No.

Q – I had a lawn treatment 10 days ago and I am still seeing some green and healthy weeds. Do I need another treatment?
A – We offer free service calls up to 14 days after each application. We can take care of this for you.

Q – It rained right after the treatment. Will this affect the application?
A – All applications are rain fast within 30 minutes. Weed controls are the only treatment that will be affected by rain. We can check the effectiveness 14 days after application and perform a service call if necessary.

Q – Why do you start my program in January when temperatures are really cold?
A – We use formulated winter products for maximum efficiency in cold weather.

Q – Will the application burn my lawn today since it was so hot?
A – No, we use formulated summer products that are specifically designed for hot weather.

Q – Can I mow my lawn the same day after an application?
A – You should wait at least 24 hours before mowing to ensure maximum effectiveness.